Welcome to Heritage Hilltop Farm located in Oxford, Florida!​

We pride ourselves on producing high quality pastured heritage breeds. Our Kunekune pigs are bred with pastured pork production and vigor at the forefront of our homesteading goals. All breeding Kunekune stock at Heritage Hilltop Farm are registered with IKHR and AKKPS.​​

Our poultry are all from ‘heritage breeds’ — Salmon Faverolles and Cayuga ducks, which are on the “Watch” list from the American Livestock Conservancy.

​HHF is a sustainable farm, raising animals as close to nature as possible. Unlike conventional farms, we don’t treat our pastures with chemical fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides — and it’s all down to the way we work in harmony with nature. Farming practices such as pasture rotation and increasing genetic diversity play a key role, as do ongoing efforts to naturally enhance our soil’s fertility. It’s all about nurturing the environment around us.

Our livestock are free to roam in the fresh air and graze our pastures, so that each animal remains naturally healthy. Healthier and happier animals, produce more flavorful meat!

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